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love u like u

Winter is here to stayFreezing till I’m cold and empty

you need enough water for you and the flowers to be healthy and strongit’s no good if there’s more water out than in, you know?
dedicated to those who keep their tears inside

Chanyeol’s instagram update ~"It seems that I slept early and now at dawn, my eyes just opened. I can’t go back to sleep and I’m bored. While I was trying to entertain myself, I saw last year’s picture of Showtime Episode 6. Although it hasn’t even been a year yet, the new and joyful memories that appeared have made my heart miss those moments. Well, of course nowadays I’m happy and there are joyful moments but reminiscing the old days and looking back at the old me as a beginner, after thinking about these things… it seems to be a good thing after all. I really love the EXO members and EXO-L so much and I hope everyone has a happy and healthy life. I want to feel happy with my members, fans and everyone around me. Don’t forget to always be grateful and thank you for always taking good care of me everyone and also for loving the pretty Chanyeol. Lastly, EXO!!! Let’s love! (forever)”